New in Sweden, or ”Ny i Sverige” in swedish, started in 2016 and is a project where we arrange activities and workshops for new arrivals/asylum seekers in Sweden.


  • Right now we are looking for contact with the accommodations that want to work with us in the fall.
  • Right now we are looking for participants in our dance project where Dancing and Language are in focus.
  • Contact Anjali Ranasinghe,


As a district organization, we want to work for welcoming everyone to our organization. In this way, we reach a new target audience which we feel is important that we reach. To develop workshops for new arrivals and asylum seekers. About democracy, empowerment, association and organization. We want to be a district organisation, a part of the youth movement that actually meets the target group based on our knowledge and methods.


To inspire, engage and create openness within our organization for an audience that needs support, new acquaintances and access to society. We want to hold courses and workshops and maybe even tournaments, camps or teambuilding activities. We want to be able to carry out selected activities and workshops for new arrivals in 2016-2017 to open up to a target audience we usually do not reach and come to a natural collaboration where the target group is located. 2017 we aim to have a collaborative partnership with some accommodations where inspiration left its footprints and developed into any activities, exchanges, new associations or arrangements.

We hope that several asylum seekers feel they can turn to Vi Unga to help organize/arrange something they dream of. We hope that new arrivals / asylum seekers can, in their turn, inspire other new arrivals by feeling that they can take responsibility and have the opportunity to develop.


District active, active local associations, Vårljus – municipal-owned company in which the target group lives, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (activities are planned in study circles / arrangements are considered cultural events)