Young leads young – work in progress

Multiple times a year, Vi unga Stockholm arranges courses where you can learn about leadership, board knowledge (learn how we work in boards in our organisation) and how to organise events. 


During Vi ungas courses, we create the conditions for participation and interactivity through creative exercises, both individually and in groups. The courses contains knowledge and exercises exercises where you as a participant may think a lot about themselves. By coming to your own insight, sharing knowledge and disseminating experiences between you are. All our programs work with methods based on discussions, interactivity, participation and democracy. Our education concept is based on the education education and is being done in cooperation with the Student Union of Adult Education. Within our youth, we are young as the actual leader and in our education. Read more about our concepts, methods, workshops down below or contact us.

Of course, we offer other organisations and platforms our courses.
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For our local associations and members

During the year, the district organizes 4-6 courses, free of charge for its members, and then there is also the opportunity to further develop within each education area in different stages. Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3. The district usually finances your further development in these areas. The district also finances education for educators for our members! So that we have updated and trained educators for future education at district level.

If you want a course held at your association, contact us at

For our members, we regularly arrange these:

Board knowledge stage 1
Are you new to a board? Want to learn more about how it is and how an association works. Join our board training and meet other Vi unga – members. You will learn more about what it’s like to be in a board, what it means, what to do and how to do it. We also review the different roles that exist. What kind of different responsibilities does a chairman, secretary or treasurer have?

 Leadership – Stage 1 
Do you want to develop your leadership skills? Then this is the training for you! We’ll review what it’s like to lead a group or activity, what you’re in charge of, responsibility and what to do if there’s a problem in the group.

Group Dynamics, Leading a Group
Crisis management, what’s the worst thing that can happen? What do you do then?
Conflict management

Organiser training stage 1
Do you have a project that you want to implement? Organiser training gives you the basics of setting goals, planning, implementing and evaluating. You work from your own project, which means that after study you have come a long way with your work!

  • Targeting and idea creation
  • Planning, division of work and delegation
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and accounting
  • Marketing and information
  • Budget and economy
  • Crisis management